Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Game Night

The kids recently had a game night at Prandga and She She's house.
Sometimes I get a little jealous of my kids with my dad.
He just loves playing with them!
When I was growing up, Dad worked so hard at so many different jobs, that it was rare when he got a break just to enjoy life.
I'm so glad, though, that he is now able to take the time to enjoy life with his grandkids and family!

Bifocals = Binoculars

Check out this handsome little man and his new bifocals!
The optometrist has determined that bifocals may be the way to go for Bond at this point to help his vision.
He is doing remarkable with them!
The only challenge we have faced with them is he was confused when we said he was getting BIFOCALS.  He thought he was getting BINOCULARS.
Thankfully his birthday was coming up so the poor kid could get some binoculars!

Our Little Dork

Both of our kids are definitely goof balls; however, Bond is certainly winning in the "dork" category lately!
Need proof?  Here ya go!
And then my favorite one...

Sassy Pants

Our niece, Piper, is turning into quite the little sassy pants!
We have discovered that she also enjoys slamming doors.
Hmmm....where does she get that, PAIGE?!

A Season of Cheer

Banx has started cheering, and she is most definitely in her element!
She absolutely LOVES it!
The twins (a/k/a Banx and Beau) often cheer/play basketball around the same times, so it's fun to watch them both!

This is her favorite part...when they announce her name!  Haha.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Family Game Night

We are currently in the midst of a "no TV" policy in our household for the kids.
I would love to tell you it's because it is one of our New Year's Resolution (no TV); however, unfortunately, it is a form of punishment currently being implemented.
It turns out, though, it has become a wonderful thing!
We have been having game nights now in lieu of watching our favorite shows.
(Also, we canceled our cable, so that also helps!)
Our current favorite game is Dutch Blitz.  Banx caught on quickly to the game, so it's been fun playing that with her.
Since Bond is still too little, he enjoys sitting on the "sidelines" with his whistle and blowing it whenever we lay a card down.  So, yeah, that's fun.  Haha!

Church Skate Night

Our church recently rented the local skating rink for our youth night.
Man, it had been a LONG time for this mama to be on skates...and I could definitely feel it the next day! 

As you can see, Bond was super proud of himself!

Happy Birthday, Blair!

Banx was invited to her friend Blair's birthday/painting party at the local art studio recently.
I hear the girls all had a fabulous time!
Their paintings are all so stunning! 
Happy birthday, sweet Blair!  Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to Banx!

Jil's Bakery

I wanted to do something special with my sister and have a girls' day, so I signed us up to do one of the painting events at The Old Blue Chair.
You can send in your own design for them to customize.
Paige and I agreed on this design, in honor of our mom (who was well-known for her baking and cooking and even won first place many years at the church baking contests).
I have never been able to convince Paige to do anything crafty with me, so I was really looking forward to this time with her.
We are so in love with how our signs turned out!
They are a daily reminder of Mom and her passion of baking, along with the memory of such a fun day with my sister.
Thank you, The Old Blue Chair! 
And thank you, Austin and Joe, for taking care of the kids so we could have some much-needed alone time together.

Osky Basketball

The Oskaloosa boys' have a phenomenal basketball team this year.
Banx had asked to go to the game with PP and Beau a few weeks ago, and somehow Bond managed to wiggle his way in and be included, also.
These two have so much fun together! 
Poor Piper!  She just doesn't know what to think! 
Banx was super excited to run into my sister's babysitters, who have watch Banx before (one of which she ended up tattling on when the gal had her boyfriend come over.  Haha.) 
I asked Bond if he enjoyed the game.
His response:  "Yeah, the white team won!  And guess what my favorite part was?  THE 'CONFESSION' STAND!"
(He thinks the concession stand is the "confession" stand.  Geesh, I wonder what all he divulged when buying candy?!)
Thank you, PP, for giving the kids a fab time!

Something's Missing

Since losing Zoe, Ivy has definitely been acting differently.
This is pretty much her life these days.
She just lies in front of the fireplace or near one of us (if not on us).
You can tell that she does miss her "sister," even though Zoe pestered the crap out of poor Ivy at times!

"Yard" Boy

My dad and Shari got Bond his own yard tools to play with outside.
Apparently, he just can't wait until it's nice out.
He thought he would be super helpful as we were taking down Christmas decorations and help "blow" the tree needles.
He's for hire!

Choose Kind

To celebrate the movie "Wonder" coming to New Sharon,
our school really went all out!
We ordered shirts, and a few of the classes organized it so that their students worked the movie theater to help spread the kindness revolution.

The school also had a "Choose Kind" day.
We are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful acts!

Coming Back From Vacation Be Like...

I came home from yoga one morning right after vacation to this sight.
"Coming home from vacation be like..."
Those two were most definitely riding the struggle bus that morning!

Our Drunken Officer

Gigi was wanting a picture of Bond dressed up in his police gear.
This was as good of a picture as we got.
He looks like a drunken officer!