Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Little Miss Pageant

"She was a girl who knew how to be happy, even when she was sad.  And that's what is important."

The past few weeks have been difficult on Bankers.  She has really been missing Nana.
Our saving grace has been that Papa and Gigi are now back for the summer and my dad has been home more and has been able to spend lots of quality time with Banx.

Banx recently participated in the Little Miss Pageant at the New Sharon Spring Festival.
Her interview was just the sweetest.  I love her kind soul.
We were so proud of her!
She ended up getting the award of "best personality."
After leaving New Sharon, we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.  It was a great reminder how good God is! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mini Peggy

Last week as I was getting ready for the spring pageant, I caught this side view of her and almost lost my breath.
She looks just like Grandma Peggy here!
(And, boy, does she ever act like her, too!  Haha.)

A Few Rough Days

Just when I jokingly said that I had too much on the calendar to even get a cold this summer, God decided to show me who is really in charge and bless me with a summer virus/strep last week.
I was down from Wednesday afternoon until Friday early evening.
I was home on Friday sick/asleep, and since the kids don't have daycare in the summer on Fridays, they were home, too.
Bond was having a particularly difficult day and was missing Nana.  It sort of came out of the blue, but he was pretty affected by it all day.
He ended up lying down with the quilt my sister had made of Nana's clothes and fell asleep for a bit.
When he awoke, he asked to go see Nana's grave.  The kids decided they wanted to draw some pictures for Nana first.
I felt like crap, but there was no way I was going to turn down his request! 
We are approaching the one-year anniversary, and the past few days have been particularly difficult with all the memories that are flooding in.
I just cannot believe it's been almost a year.

Summer Tumbling

Our summer is completely chaotic with all the activities we have planned.
BUT we are having fun!  And that's all that matters!
Banx started summer tumbling last Wednesday night.  Her coach could not believe how much she had improved since last year.
Banx was the first one to do a handstand with no assistance.
(She is the one upside down with the green shirt and black shorts against the wall.)
Keep working hard, Bankers!  We are proud of your progress!
(In the meantime, we are questioning whose child she really is.  Austin and I would never be able to do this!)

Morning Yoga

One of the best part of summers for me are the early morning yoga sessions at the Bandstand.
Yes, 5:30 a.m. is super early, but watching the sunrise while meditating and sweating is pretty cathartic! 

Fireman Sam

Here is Fireman Sam, returning home after a long day at work!
Just kidding.  It's just Bond returning home from daycare with his boots that he has to wear to the "lava park."
It's actually a park near Miss Mary's that has large rocks, so the kids have to wear boots, and they have named it "The Lava Park."

Summer Reading Kickoff

Last Monday after I got off after a long day at work with 85 defendants on the docket, I told the kids we could "quick" run up to the library and they could check out some books before I made dinner.
Little did I know that there was the big summer kickoff at the library that night with games, food, prizes, etc.
So, one hour and 45 minutes later, we were finally able to leave the library and go home.
However, it wasn't necessarily smooth sailing from there.  Bond wasn't paying attention, thanks to the snow cone that he had to get on the way out, and he ran right into a rearview mirror and knocked him back.
There was blood and a large bump on his head.
Talk about a Monday!

Sunday Funday

Austin has been very busy this summer with various projects at his rental properties and our house.
We have decided we will be putting our house on the market soon and have had a few people express interest in our house, so that has put our butts in gear to get some projects finished.
While Austin has been busy sweating in the heat, I have been busy with the kids doing some fun activities.  (Poor Austin will have to catch up on the fun one of these days!)
The first Sunday in June was the annual Drost Fishing Party.
I took the kids out to their oasis for some fun, fellowship, food, and fishing.
Banx caught three fish, and was actually in first place for quite some time for the longest fish at 14 inches.
Bond had a blast fishing with his buddy, Boston. 

Miss Diane was amazing with the kids and helping me multi-task between getting food and helping with the fishing poles. 

Bond FINALLY caught a fish!  This is quite a miracle, considering he has ZERO patience to fish!
In fact, if you will remember, two years ago (after just three minutes fishing), he got frustrated and threw his new pole in the lake.

We finished our trip to the Drosts' with some S'mores. 
Apparently, the sun caused me to have brain damage that day, because after taking both kids to church by myself, fishing with them, playing with them all afternoon, and feeding them, I then decided to take them to Church Swim Night at the public pool. 
Thankfully, Uncle Joe was also there with new nephews! 
It was freezing out for the kids, but that didn't stop them! 
I think it's safe to say that that was definitely one Sunday Funday!

Monday, June 11, 2018

They Sometimes Love Each Other

This is proof that they sometimes tolerate/love each other!
(Disclaimer:  This only lasted about 2.3 seconds.  Shortly after the picture, Bond shoved Banx because she had touched his arm.  Oy.

Date Night

It's officially the season of weddings!  We have several this summer, and we kicked off the wedding season by attending my good friend Misty's wedding reception.
It was great to get away and enjoy time with friends, and the kids were super excited to see their babysitter, Jenna.  It had been way too long since we took some time for ourselves!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Sleepover

Last Tuesday evening I took the kids to New Sharon to go watch a few of Banx's friends play softball.  After that, Banx rode home with a few of the girls for a summer sleepover.
Bond was NOT happy.  He cried the entire way home for his sissy.
Go figure...he can't live with her; can't live without her!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is always our official kick-off for summer break.
The past few weeks we have been counting down the days until we could relax at the lake and spend some time together.
May is always chaotic, and it seems to take away from family time, so I was super excited to make some memories with my little people.
Bond was quick to make himself right at home at Aunt Joi's in the cabana.

We were able to meet our cousin Caleb's girlfriend and spend some time with the family. 
The kids are old enough now that they can just walk over to Aunt Joi's and invade her house to play with the little ones over there.  That's good for me; bad for Joi.  Haha.

It's so fun to see the little cousins together play and have fun! 
Banx enjoyed some time to herself reading and doing some summer projects.

Austin and I took the kids to the beach on Saturday for an afternoon picnic.  We were then joined by my aunt and cousins on the beach.
Bond was all excited to bring me a handful of "seashells."  They turned out to be dog turds.  So that was fun. 
The ladies were able to get some sunbathing in while watching the little ones play with the big boys. 
My dad and Shari were able to join us this weekend, along with some friends.
Dad and Bond spent some quality reading time in the mornings. 
Saturday night we took the boat to the beach to listen to a live band. 

We then headed back to Aunt Joi's for marshmallows and sparklers. 
Dad took Banx and Bond fishing early Sunday morning.  Banx caught two catfish and one blue gill.
Bond only caught an attitude and then was forced to take a nap! 

The weather was hot, but it was beautiful to be out on the water in the early evenings! 
We cooled down with a water balloon fight, where Bond decided to take his swim shorts off for some reason and show off his white little butt cheeks. 
We determined that he has officially outgrown our "bathtub" at the lake. 
The weekend was so very relaxing and memorable!  
Monday morning we got up early to head back to the Osky cemetery for a memorial service where they were reading Mom's name.
It was very emotional! 
We headed back to the lake after the service to join our friends. 
We were having so much fun, that we decided to stay until early Tuesday morning and get up early before work.
Austin and I took the kids to the local park, and then we treated ourselves to dinner at the ice cream shop.
I was going through Bond's iPad and discovered this short clip.  He just loves being at the cabin!
We ended Monday night with a night ride on the water, and dancing was involved.
Austin and Banx stayed down on the dock until dark, just laughing and dancing.
I hope our fun over the weekend was an indicator of our summer fun to be had!